Hello Furever – All-Natural Cat Food for Healthy Furbabies

Giving only healthy, preservative-free food for your dear cats

As furparents, we only want the best for our furbabies. Did you know that 99% of cat food available has preservatives?

Some are even carcinogenic like Carrageenan! Don’t believe us? Watch this video. This is very concerning as there has been a rise in cancer among cats, and we want only the best for our own.

We also asked our vet as to which brand of cat food he would recommend, and he said none, because when these commercially available cat foods came out, cats started getting sick. So we came up with our own all-natural, healthy, preservative-free cat food.

And now, you can give the best food for your cats. Stop feeding them dangerous, commercially available cat food riddled with preservatives!